🚀The concept

Galeon is shaping the future of medicine

The pioneers of the Galeon community are building a new healthcare system to:

  • Support caregivers in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Protect medical confidentiality

  • Ensure impartial and decentralized medical research

  • Build data-driven medicine.

Personalized medicine

Medicine is at a turning point.

After inventing effective treatments for all (from aspirin to antibiotics), the new frontier of medicine lies in hyper-personalized care. Patient care now adjusts based on the patient's genome as well as the unique specifics of their life (habits, profession, etc.).

For this, physicians and researchers must be able to deeply understand the patient, which is why access to patient data is essential for both medical practitioners and research.

Community medicine

Knowledge sharing is the foundation of medical research.

Physicians build their expertise by treating thousands of people throughout their practice and by studying cases from their colleagues. Yet, information sharing is imperfect. Barriers between computer systems have been added to language barriers. In hospitals, technologies have increased the difficulties of information transmission. This is the paradox that Galeon solves. With its cutting-edge computer system, Galeon is rebuilding a community of care.

Galeon enables knowledge sharing to provide patients with the best of medicine.

Medicine at the forefront of global research

The accumulation of data is only useful if it can be exploited.

Galeon structures health data to create accessible and readable data. From the outset, the data is constructed to facilitate the development of artificial intelligence algorithms.

This data can be medical, environmental, temporal, spatial, etc. This abundance of data, varied but structured by Galeon, and therefore exploitable, paves the way for previously unknown treatments.

With Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, Galeon is revolutionizing medicine

AI enables medical advancements, but it is blockchain that enables the sharing of value.

But what are these discoveries worth if they come at the expense of caregivers, healthcare centers, and grassroots medicine? In other words, at the expense of those who produce health data?

Thanks to the $GALEON token and blockchain technology connecting hospitals, Galeon enables the distribution of value created by AI. This also makes the exploitation of health data sustainable and respectful of the patient's wishes.

The Galeon community of pioneers

Since 2016, Galeon has been bringing together the necessary driving forces for a new healthcare system. A system that protects the dignity of patients and caregivers. This community of pioneers consists of patients, caregivers, innovators, hospitals, and investors.

  • Patients must have the choice of what is done with their data.

  • Caregivers must be able to work with sufficient resources and time per patient.

  • Hospitals need revenue and data security.

  • Innovators must be able to develop new treatments.

  • Investors must be able to see a return on their investment and have a say in the directions taken by medical research.

Galeon aligns all stakeholders through Blockchain. Galeon offers each one a defined role and a way to be interested. Real impact can only be achieved if the project scales up.

The $GALEON token enables scaling the new system. To date, Galeon is present in twelve (12) hospitals, including two (2) university hospitals. Overall, more than 500,000 patients are being followed, with thousands of caregivers and millions of consultations provided.

And let's not forget the 40,000 pioneering holders of the $GALEON token who have trusted us.

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