To reward investors who believe in Galeon in the long term, the Galeon team is implementing Staking programs.

Staking allows you to earn interest in $GALEON by locking your $GALEON for a specified period (3 years).

Details of $GALEON token

For example, a user who stakes 1000 $GALEON in the King program will generate 10% interest per year (APY - Annual Percentage Yield) for 3 years, which corresponds to:

  • Year 1: +100 $GALEON

  • Year 2: +100 $GALEON

  • Year 3: +100 $GALEON

This will result in a bonus of 300 $GALEON after 3 years, added to the initial 1000 $GALEON locked, totaling 1300 $GALEON.

Staking Programs

On Galeon's dashboard, several staking programs are open for a limited number of tokens. The Master, Fan, and Knight programs have already been filled. There is still room for staking in the King, Jarl, and Karl programs.

The Galeon King program (3 years) allows users to earn Tribe Points. Tribe Points grant access to goodies, community items, etc.

How to stake $GALEON tokens ?

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