🪙The $GALEON token

$GALEON, Response to the Health Crisis

Fifteen years ago, central banks intervened to rescue financial institutions in an effort to stabilize a faltering financial system, despite allegations of systemic corruption. In response, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin.

Three years ago, the COVID crisis highlighted issues of scientific corruption by imposing experimental treatments without checks or safeguards on a large scale. In response, Galeon was born to lay the foundations for decentralized and independent science.

$GALEON, Hope for the New Generation

Every pioneer holds $GALEON, being part of a committed and united community with a common goal:

Making healthcare innovations accessible to all.

With the $GALEON token, community members can:

  • Vote for nonprofit research funded by the DAO.

  • Stake their tokens to generate interest while supporting the project long-term.

  • Fund medical research during fundraising campaigns for NGOs/Associations.

  • Unlock features in Galeon's healthcare applications (patients, healthcare professionals & hospitals).

$GALEON, at the Heart of Hospitals

Hospitals are the validators of the Galeon blockchain.

To train AI in a decentralized manner, each hospital coordinates the network with a dedicated node.

The $GALEON token is used to operate this system, the Blockchain Swarm Learning®.

With the help of hospitals, Galeon establishes the standard of quality (technical and ethical) for health data.

$GALEON, Infrastructure of DeSci - Decentralized Science

Decentralized Science (DeSci) is an emerging industry that uses blockchain to facilitate access to data and conduct research.

Accessing quality data in an ethical way is a cornerstone for the sustainable progress of science.

$GALEON is the token associated with health data that respects patient consent and facilitates research through hyper-structuring.

$GALEON, to give Health Data its real worth

When a company wants to train its AI, it will request access to Galeon's network of hospitals.

The hospitals will coordinate the training of this AI with data from patients consenting to medical research.

The training is done in a decentralized manner with Galeon's technology, Blockchain Swarm Learning®.

  • 50% for patients and token holders through the DAO Galeon fund

  • 40% for the hospitals that participated in the research

  • 5% for the Galeon company

  • 5% is reinvested in the $GALEON token through Buyback & Burn

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